Introduces the concepts, design, implementation, and management of computer networks. Covers data communication concepts, layered architectures, protocols, LANs, WANs, internetworking, the Internet, Intranets, network management, and network applications with an emphasis on TCP/IP. 09/04/2018-12/13/2018 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 09:30AM - 10:50AM EST, Room to be Announced

4 sem. hrs. Prereq.: CS 226 and CS 232. Teaches the function, design, implementation, and management of operating systems, including detailed study of the UNIX/Linux system. Topics include concurrent processes, operating system architecture, memory management, I/O, the file system, resource allocation, scheduling, security, concurrency command processing, and shell programming. Tis. 01/18/2018-05/07/2018 Lecture Monday, Thursday 04:30PM - 06:00PM EST, Room to be Announced

Foundations of Information Technology is a broad introduction to issues and concepts that are fundamental in the IT field. These include aspects of system administration, user support, applications installation and management, hardware troubleshooting and ethical use of technology. This course emphasizes knowledge combined with practical, hands-on experience. 01/22/2019-05/07/2019 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 06:00PM - 07:20PM EST, Room to be Announced

Introduces computer science and programming using a high-level programming language (currently Python). Teaches program design in the context of contemporary practices both object oriented and procedural. Presents fundamental computer science topics through initiation and design of programs. Requires significant projects. 01/22/2019-05/08/2019 Lecture Friday 12:00PM - 01:50PM EST, Room to be Announced (more)...

Addresses the need for authentication, confidentiality, and integrity of data in a networked environment. Examines the services and mechanisms currently available to prevent successful attacks. Includes security models, encryption, digital signatures and certificates, authentication techniques, email confidentiality, firewalls, web servers, malware, and security management strategies. 01/22/2019-05/08/2019 Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 09:30AM - 10:50AM EST, Room to be Announced

Offers comprehensive examination of the design and implementation of relational database management systems (DBMS). Teaches the logical organization of databases, E_R design, normalization and use of SQL for data description and retrieval, including triggers and stored procedures; concurrency and security issues and typical solutions. Includes a major project building web interfaces to databases using PHP and MySQL. Introduction to No_SQL solutions. 01/22/2019-05/08/2019 Lecture Monday, Wednesday 09:30AM - 10:50AM EST, Room to be Announced